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Internal Management and System

(a) Governance : Governance of GSKVM starts with General Body, which is comprised of 15 members. General Body of GSKVM meets in a year review the work progressed during the year, accounts and also appoints the auditor for the organization. General Body also elects the Governing Board, which is comprised of 9 members. Elected members of governing board would be remain on their position for 3 years. Among the 7 members of Governing Board there would be a Secretary , a President and a Treasurer supported by the other 4 members. Governing Board meets in every 4 months and decided about the policies, administration and accounts.The staffs along with the governing board implement decisions of Governing Board. Presently the Secretary of GSKVM is working as Chief Executive and governing board has authorized the Secretary to take all the important decisions on behalf of the organization. Similarly the President of GSKVM has also devoted his full time in implementation of work with the capacity of operation coordinator. Both of them work with the staff as part of operational team according to the demand of time and situation. apart from that other members of Governing Board also help the operational team whenever time permits and work requires.

(b) Membership: As mentioned above, there is a General Body consisted of 25 members, who meet every year. Any person who is active in social work and associated with the activities of GSKVM and willing to get the membership of General Body of GSKVM can apply for membership. Then General Body members decide about the membership of that person and if approved then the person can become the member of General Body. Similarly the person can hold the position in Governing Board depending on the decision of General Body.

Decision Making Process:

Normally all the decisions related to the policies are taken by the Governing Board with the consent of all the members. But for day to day operation and management of GSKVM, Governing Board has authorized the Secretary (Chief Executive) to take all the decisional for the larger interest of the organization. Decision making process brings the whole team of operation, accounts and administration. therefore Chief Executive is able to takes the decision according to the situational demand, experience of the field and data shown on the paper.

(c) Roles and responsibilities :
The small team of staffs of GSKVM is very clear about their roles, responsibilities and accountability. The Chief Executive who is responsible for all-important decision of the GSKVM heads the team. He is responsible for lessening with support organization, implementation, documentation, reporting etc. He is involved in all the aspects of GSKVM like policy formulation, operation, accounts and administration. There are 1 accountants working in GSKVM, I is responsible for overall accounting of the organization and other looks after the accounts of the Watershed Development program. Apart from the there is 1 Social Scientist, 1 Botanist and 1 Civil engineer, 1 Activist working in the Watershed Development, micro credit, CBR, Women empowerment etc program.

(d) Staff development :
Each and every staff has been given their task to perform and its assessment is being done by the end of month in staff meeting. During the meeting itself it is being analyzed if there is some short of input requires for concerned work. This is a regular training institutions. In doing so staff has attended different training program from institutions like NBJK, Hazaribagh, PEACE- Delhi, XISS/SRI/AFPRO- Ranchi, , SSK- Lucknow,CBR Forum, Bangalore,SANCHAR A.R.O.D, Kolkata, DA, New Delhi etc.

(e) Staff gender Diversity Policy :
GSKVM is committed to work for the uplift-ment of depressed section of the society specially women. Therefore it always encourages women from different background to work for the well being of the others. However it is open for all people who are committed to work for the similar cause of GSKVM but it prefer women. There is a Sexual Harassment Committee has been made in GSKVM as per the guidance of Supreme court, to protect the rights of women employee of the organization.

(f) Administrative System :

GSKVM is managing its administration with the full hand support of the Secretary (Chief Executive) and the president (Operation Coordinator). To help the administrative system there are two office assistant and 2 accountants who regularly help the Secretary and president to accomplish the administration. Apart from that other members of the Governing Board also help GSKVM administrative system.

(g) Financial Management System :

Presently GSKVM is maintaining accounting on cash basis and accordingly financial management system has been introduced. Since GSKVM has very limited sources of fund and within the existing sources organization is able to deliver its work very effectively. Organization is working with a small team and every on is involved in the process of development of it, therefore financial system is very transparent for all the concerned staff, members, and other agencies. However all major and critical financial management is being done by the Chief Executive. In GSKVM every one is clear about the their role and duties according to the project. Every project has fixed budget and therefore implementation of the project, as well as expenditure is done against its budget. Transparency is finance always helps the whole team to work effectively without any misconception.

(h) Area of operation :

Presently GSKVM, is operating in Jharkhand state and focusing the operating in Latehar, Garhwa and Palamu district. There are 25 villages of 2 block of Garhwa district and 115 villages of Palamu 15 Villages in Latehar district where GSKVM is carrying out the development activities.

(i) Communities working :

GSKVM is dedicated to work with the disadvantaged section of the society irrespective of any discrimination. Presently spread of activities is with vulnerable women and children, unemployed youth, exploited tribes, downtrodden backward community, landless/ marginal farmers and all other weaker section of the society who have not been provided with opportunity to move with the pace of development with rest of the world. Most of the time socially and economic weaker section population are the beneficiaries of the GSKVM.

External comments or assessment of the NGO and work :

Till date organization has not received any report on evaluation of NGOs or it's work. However GSKVM always invite professional visitors for suggestion and recommendation, which is a regular phenomenon. GSKVM has developed such relationship with the community that everyone of the community feels the belongings with the organization. The GSKVM has emerged out of social movement and its approach is still same as of people's organization that is the biggest strength. In this context GSKVM is always comfortable to work with the people. Participatory approach of the organization is always helpful to short out any problem with the help of community.

The biggest strength of the core team is that, Chief functionary of the organization has the experience of more than 3 decades in the social sector. People of the core team are clear about their vision, mission and its approach to implement it. Core team the biggest strength of the core team is that, Chief functionary of the organization has the experience of more than 3 decades in the social sector. People of the core team are clear about their vision, mission and its approach to implement it. Core team is always conscious about their work and keeps on analyzing and evaluating the work for further improvement. The professional approach of work is very helpful for the organization.Decision making process is being done with the help of community/ beneficiaries, staff, professionals and governing board members, which results always rational and fruitful.

(j) Program Development and Implementation:

Context of the organization : GSKVM aims to develop the society which would be free from problem of fundamental needs like food, cloth, shelter, education and health care. Which can be achieved only, when problem of unemployment, illiteracy/ education, basic infrastructure for agriculture/ irrigation, health care system, and exploitation of vulnerable groups gets abolished from the society. Therefore GSKVM is targeting such issues, which is the need of the people and society. People affected with the above mentioned problems are the target group and target area, but considering the constrain of resources and limitation of the organization GSKVM is presently focusing within the geographic area of Garhwa,Latehar and Palamau district in Palamu Commissionary & Chhotanagpur Division.

(k) Program Methodologies :

Since GSKVM believes in participatory approach of functioning, therefore we involvement of the community is always exist. GSKVM always develop a discontent among the community dwellers by sensitizing the issue what ever is projected to implement. Then is widely shared and highlighted for intervention and its importance for the community. Then planning on the basis of factual data, sharing of responsibilities by formulation of the committee/ groups. GSKVM believes in development of local leadership for long term and the process begins with.

(l) Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL) System:

While implementation of any program JSK develops a clear indicator, which can be tangible/ visible or intangible also. In the process we keep on review the work continuously and verify with the indicators along with the time frame. Review process is also done with the beneficiaries as well as the staff so that a better coordination can be developed and understood. Before we share responsibility with the beneficiaries they are being trained with planned inputting schedule. To assure the utilization representative of the

GSKVM is always guiding and monitoring them. Outputs are factual as well as hypothetical based on assumption. The whole implementation is done through backward and forward linkages of resources and its mobilization keeping sustainability in the vision. Since projects are planned with useful results and its implementation is done through the community itself then it becomes sustainable.

(m) Program impact:

While implementation micro credit program for income generating activities, it has proved the potentiality of women are coming forward to avail loan for income generation.

(n)Public Relation:

As mentioned above that GSKVM is a people's organization, therefore target community is closely linked with GSKVM. Identity of GSKVM is not at all questionable especially in the target community. GSKVM is a renowned and respected organization by the community. Apart from the target community GSKVM is also well known by the wider public and regarded. It has the image of such organization that work for the well being of the people and rights for the underprivileged section.

(o) Advocacy :

Organization's history says that it was involved in many advocacy campaign and resulted well also such as.

1.Mazdur Kisan Mukti Morcha ownership of land less and outcome was land Reform Act.

2.Campaign against Bandhua Mukti Morcha.

3.National rehabilitation campaign with Sahyog Manch.

4.Rickshaw Chalak Mazdur Samiti, Palamau- District administration provided Rickshaw to the all Rickshaw Pullers.

5.Members of South Asian Coalition of Child Servitude SACCS.

Apart from the GSKVM is presently associated with several advocacy institution and achieved milestones for this Gender, Equity it has developed Rajya Mahila Aayog and also demanded for State Women Policy- working with VHAI, Jharkhand on health issue, ATSEC and CACT against trafficking, SACCS and child rights. Along with these network organization is continuously making efforts to build pressure on Govt. to make suitable policy and implement it.

(p) Core Value of GSKVM:

GSKVM has develop some core value for organizational discipline, better policy and output of the program. Some of these are Empathy with poor, Pluralism, Quality & Excellence, Secularism, Integrity, Human Capital.

(q) Name of Key Staffs:

S.No. Name of Staff Qualification Designation Working Period Status & Responsibility
1 Santan Pandey Dip.Civil Engineering Watershed dev. Team Member 5 years He is looking into watershed programs.
2 SwornLata Ranajan M.A. Office Incharge 12 years She has responsibility of Office Program
3 Ajay Kumar M. Sc. Member of W.S.D. Three years Works out WSD pogrom.
4 Dhiran Bhagat B.A. Project Coordinator 10 years Administrator
5 Khurshid Khan B.A Project Coordinator Eight years Total Mental & CBR Incharge.
6 Raja Ram Pandey B.A. CBRW Two years Expert in rehabilitation of Disabled people
7 Vijay Kr.Verma I.A. CBRW Four years Micro credit program.
8 Ms. Kanti Lakra B.A. FW 8 years Women's Empowerment
9 Anita Devi B.A. FW Eight years  
10 Sakina Begum Matric Office Assistant 15 years Administrative Staff.
11 Renu Singh Matric Field Co-ordinator Eight years Total Advocacy campaign.
12 Susma Sinha Matric Field Co-ordinator 6 years Gender equity and domestic violence against women.
13 Shashi Gupta Information Technology Computer Operator 10 years Computer Operator
14 Manoj Kr.Shukla Engineer Office Staff 5 years Overall program officer assistant.
15 Hridya Nand Mishra Advocate Legal Advisor 15 Years Legal Advisors to poor

Beside this we have 155 Community Volunteers, 5000 Lok Samiti Members in Palamu Division and we have also develop a sister organization of Disabled called Palamu Viklang Sangh, which have been formed in Palamu, Garhwa & Latehar District consisting 2000 members. Also a network of 55 NGO/VOs called Swaichhik Manch.

(r) Limitation:

Despite all these achievement of GSKVM, fact remain that it has limited resources that are mobilize from various donors agencies, Government, National & International and other local resources. Consequently, GSKVM does not provide financial assistance to any Local smaller NGOs/VOs. It run itself all the program


(Md.Hashmat Rabbani)

Secretary: GSKVM, Mobile:09431159447
E-mail: gskvm@yahoo.com rab786@rediffmail.com